The Great Systems shop is your source for kaizen / OPEX content and coaching to help ‘level up’ your work systems.

Welcome to the Great Systems Shop!

The Great Systems shop is your source for kaizen (continuous improvement) and OPEX (operational excellence) content and coaching. Its use helps you ‘level up’ your work systems. Each month, I post additional products and services to the Shop, such as those I describe below.

Over time, ‘real life work’ applications, experiences, and research help refine all of the products and services I offer. In future months, you can register for virtual learning experiences, such as podcasts and webinars, in the shop.

‘Teach Your Teams’ Kaizen Improvement Workbooks

The feature products in the Great Systems Shop are my ‘Teach Your Teams” performance improvement skill building workbooks. Each of these workbooks was developed to support in-house delivery and skill practice. In turn, each one has a definite ‘real life work’ flavor and focus.

The design of my eight different workbooks helps you conduct effective onsite training at your own facility. Each full-color workbook contains hundreds of pages of content. Plus, it is easy to arrange a 3-4 hour virtual session to help you start your kaizen journey.

You can also purchase my Great Systems full-color workbooks from Amazon, in both eBook and paperback formats. Please visit the author page for Kevin McManus on to see the entire collection of Great Systems workbooks that are available.

Great Systems Workshops

I offer virtual and in-person workshops for any of the products shown on this site. Primarily, I focus on areas where my research tells me a need for better content exists. Also, I have areas of preference that are grounded in simply sharing my personal kaizen experiences with others.

In April 2024, I taught a brand-new ‘How to Measure, Trend, and Improve Work’ 2-day workshop at the 2024 TapRoot® Global Summit. Follow the link to learn about this course.

I also offer my 2-day ‘Mistake Proofing and Corrective Action Writing’ course in either virtual or in-person format. If you want to learn how to prevent repeat human error and equipment failure, this course if for you.

Most importantly, I want to help leaders create and sustain healthy workplaces. We spend too many waking hours at work for it to be a drudge. In so many cases, the changes to make are not hard – they are just different. Later this year, I hope to introduce my ‘How to Create a Healthy Workplace’ course. More to come …

Future Great Systems Shop Products

In the near future, you can register for one-time and monthly coaching sessions in the Great Systems Shop. Explore that product category to learn more about this Great Systems service.

Also, I will be making lots of free tools available in the form of PDF downloads. In order to keep to track of who gets my stuff, please provide a name and email address in exchange for the free content.

I am confident these free items alone can make a difference in your organization should you choose to download them and give them a try.