These best practice work system downloads are examples of best practice tools and ideas I have found and put to use over the years.

Best Practice Work System Downloads

Here you will find a variety of best practice work system downloads that you can use right away. The free downloads are examples of content from my work experiences and workbook creation efforts. I plan to continue to add content to this page over the coming months, so please plan a return visit.

Root Cause Analysis Investigation Support Handouts

I give out these handouts when I teach a 3-day virtual TapRooT® root cause analysis course. Their goal is to help you ask better root cause analysis questions and streamline your investigation process.

2024 GS Personal Kaizen Operational Excellence Certificate Process

This download details the steps that make up my Personal Kaizen Operational Excellence Certificate process. This process has helped front line leaders in a variety of work settings improve their effectiveness as NextGen workplace leaders.

DOWNLOAD a sample chapter from my ‘How to Change a Work Culture’ book.

DOWNLOAD a sample chapter from my book about how to change work cultures.

How to Change Work Culture Book Sample

This download gives you a sample chapter from my ‘How to Develop a High-Performance Work Culture’ book. I first wrote this book in 2006. Unfortunately, too many organizations have yet to even install the basic work systems I share in this book.

My 168-page, full color ‘How to Change Work Culture’ workbook and its exercises helps you and your team learn you learn how work systems shape work cultures. Their use helps blend team and organizational work cultures into one consistent, culture where kaizen is a daily work habit. Plus, I have ‘personal use’ experience with all of the tools I share from my past workplaces that I am happy to share.

Do you want to ‘stop the insanity’ and eliminate the need to chase fads? If so, this workbook is for you. It contains strategies and complete exercises that give you better culture shift results in less time, and at a lower cost. Plus, you can customize my virtual or live ‘How to Change Work Culture’ workshop to meet the needs of any workplace.

*FREE* ‘How to Change Work Culture’ workbooks!

With my current update of this now-vintage, but still very value added, workbook comes the creation of obsolete inventory. As I said, all of the practices still apply. Many have been automated and/or digitized in progressive, larger workplaces. However, in small business land where I live and work, the simple work systems I share in this NOW *FREE* workbook can have a huge and lasting impact.

* If you would like one or more *FREE* ‘How to Change a Work Culture’ workbooks, you must pre-pay the invoiced shipping and handling costs. For the two-book minimum, this cost is $5 per book.

If you want two or more of these workbooks, please email me at with (1) your shipping location and (2) the number of books you want to buy. We can work further arrangements out from there. Cheers, and keep improving!

Three Virtual Courses are NOW Available on the Great Systems YouTube Channel

Additional downloads are a part of the different courses I offer at my Kaizen Learning Universe. In the near future, download options will include PDF, mp3, and mp4 content that supports each of the six different ‘Teach Your Teams’ (TYT) performance improvement workbooks. You can learn more about the workbooks and process on that resource page.

Videos for the first three courses are available on the Great Systems YouTube channel. The first course focuses on how to make lean tool use a daily work habit. My second course teaches leaders how to effectively pursue operational excellence. My third course looks at best practices for facilitating and leading teams.

Thanks for visiting this page on the Great Systems Best Practice Work Systems website. I plan to make additional ‘Teach Your Teams’ downloads available as 2024 progresses.