Free Coaching Session with Kevin McManus

Would you like to schedule a free virtual coaching session with Kevin McManus to explore what types of great work systems he might be able to help you improve? If so, please complete this form. I will then contact you to schedule a free thirty-minute virtual coaching session. During this time, we can explore the system and performance improvement questions you might have.

I use a variety of systems design questions to help search for possible gaps and improvement options. During the call, we usually identify at least a few actions you can take immediately. Use great work systems to help you build a better organization.

What Types of Operational Excellence Coaching Do You Provide?

Common work systems we can improve via virtual coaching include you use to develop front line leaders, make strategic resource allocations choices, and measure daily process effectiveness. Leader Standard Work, total team engagement, and proactive process improvement are focus areas. I have implemented and experienced many best practices you can use to improve in these areas, and others.

To-date, multiple organizations have taken advantage of my free coaching sessions. Many of these customers find that the call alone gives them enough action items to work on in the short term. There was no immediate need to engage in additional coaching or training. Often, just a product purchase. My goal is try help you become the best you can be, so please take advantage of this free coaching session.