Root Cause Analysis Frequently Asked Questions Podcast

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Real Life Work podcast, brought to you by Great Systems. Today’s episode focuses on root cause analysis ‘frequently asked questions.’ I consistently encounter these questions as a contract virtual instructor for the Taproot® root cause analysis process. Please email or message me with your questions and podcast ideas. More importantly, enjoy the podcast.

In order to improve ANY process, you must find and minimize the root causes of process waste. Most organizations would say that they know this. They could easily show you how they invest lots of time and money over time in attempts to do this. What they might struggle to do, however, is demonstrate to you the effectiveness of their current root cause analysis process. How do you find root causes? How effective are the root cause analysis questions your problem solvers ask?

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Do you have unanswered root cause analysis or problem solving questions?

If so, please feel free to send them my way. Most of all, keep improving!

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