In this Real Life Work podcast, I share my learnings on the ‘how to increase work team engagement’ topic, which is a must for operational excellence.

The Real Life Work ‘How to Increase Work Team Engagement’ Podcast

In this podcast, I share my learnings on the topic of total work team engagement, which is a must for workplace health.

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Do you need to increase work team engagement levels?

When I first entered the world of work more than 40 years ago, employee involvement was becoming the rage. Now, organizations realize that both effective individual and work team engagement are critical to achieve true, sustainable operational excellence levels.

Unfortunately, many don’t know how to increase work team engagement. Here are some engagement ideas that work for me.

First, people are the foundation of organizational success. ALSO, engagement reflects a degree of connection that goes beyond ‘mere’ involvement.

However, true, meaningful engagement is not easy to come by. This is especially true if your prevailing work culture actually encourages employee disengagement.

The phrase ‘I am only going to do what they tell me to, and nothing more’ comes to mind.

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Fairness matters most relative to compensation work system design impact on engagement levels

Most importantly, strive to design a fair compensation system. Appropriately recognize each employee for the contributions they make to organizational success.

Don’t base recognition simply on one’s job title. Unfair, or poorly deployed, compensation systems drive down engagement levels.

The “What’s in it for me?” question is very pervasive and powerful. Plus, it focuses on much more than pay.

Be sure to look at other forms of compensation. Examples far too many companies ignore include the work environment, formal recognition opportunities, and benefits.

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