Let’s Learn More About Great Systems!

About Great Systems!

Hi! I’m Kevin McManus, Chief Excellence Officer for Great Systems! I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you more about Great Systems! My focus at Great Systems! is simple. I help leaders at all levels build better organizations. We work together to install and deploy proven best practices for developing more effective and engaged teams, designing excellent work processes, and sustaining great results. By sharing best practices I have discovered and learned, I can help you accelerate your pursuit of process and operational excellence.

Lean six sigma projects, process audits and corrective actions, employee engagement and recognition, problem and root cause analysis, and reliability efforts represent just a few of the process improvement approaches that you may be spending lots of time and money on, but not getting the results you desire from. I can quickly help you install, improve, and get much more value from the resources you are investing in these approaches!


Improving Your Key Work Systems

All organizations have key work systems that may not be working at their optimum level. Examples include those that are used for leadership, planning, and measurement. Work systems such as those used for job design, training, process improvement, customer satisfaction, communication, and associate engagement are also often poorly designed. Waste that is essentially built into these systems is probably costing you a lot of non-value added time and money each day! Since 1980, I have been searching for the best systems, and I know that I have found some great ones.

I have discovered many of these best practices by serving for eighteen years as a Malcolm Baldrige National Performance Excellence Award Examiner. During this time, I have been able to visit 14 different high performing organizations as a leader or member of a site visit team. Additional best practices have been found while providing over 10,000 hours of TapRooT® root cause analysis training over the past fourteen years.

What have I spent my career doing?

I have spent almost forty years helping manufacturing, process, and service organizations improve their work processes and systems. In these organizations, I have served as an Industrial Engineer, Production Manager, Plant Manager, Training and Development Manager, and Director of Quality. I am serving in my 18th year as an Examiner (1998), Senior Examiner (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003), and Alumni Examiner (2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) for the Malcolm Baldrige National Performance Excellence Award. Also as a volunteer, I served as Vice President of Continuing Education on the IIE Board of Trustees, and I have served as national Board President and Executive Director of the Association for Quality and Participation. I am a ATM-Silver certified Toastmaster, and I have taught over 400 courses as an international certified trainer for the TapRooT® root cause analysis process. Most importantly, I take time to “sharpen my saw” every day!

What are my product and service offerings?

I can work with organizations in three possible ways – (1) onsite systems analysis / design, (2) virtual coaching, and (3) public / onsite workshops and keynote speeches. In each case, I use a team-based interactive design to encourage involvement and the opportunity for skill practice. My books and workbooks are designed to focus on only the key information needed for success. My intent is to give you, the customer, the greatest value I can.

What are my key “high performance” beliefs?

The works of Deming, Covey, Robbins, and Senge form a foundation for what it takes to be a high performer from a beliefs perspective. If you read the books that these four men have written, you will get a pretty good overview of what I believe “works at work” as well. Most important are my beliefs in (1) the untapped potential of all human beings, (2) the use of measurement and dialogue to understand systems, and (3) the need for simple systems.

Why should you do business with Kevin McManus and Great Systems?

  • Kevin has helped over 250 PROJECT TEAMS implement one or more process improvements
  • Kevin has 10 years of practice using process improvement tools AS A FRONT LINE LEADER (Plant Manager and Production Manager)
  • Kevin has taught hundreds of courses and helped thousands of organizations find the true systemic root causes for thousands of incidents as a certified international TapRooT® root cause analysis trainer
  • Kevin is currently serving in his EIGHTEENTH YEAR as a National Baldrige Performance Excellence Award Examiner
  • Kevin has 15 years of leadership with, and was a principal designer of, the AQP / ASQ International Team Excellence Award criteria
  • Kevin has over 30 years of process improvement tool application and practice in a variety of organizations. He has never worked for a company that did not have a formal approach to process improvement in place!

How do I measure high performance?

Over the past thirty years, the Malcolm Baldrige National Performance Excellence Award criteria have continued to evolve and improve. Today, I feel the Baldrige process represents the best model for assessing performance excellence. In other words, if your organization can score well against the Baldrige criteria as they are designed, then you will be a high performer.

I have learned a lot about the criteria as an Examiner, Senior Examiner, and Alumni Examiner. I have also discovered ways that small and medium-sized groups can use the criteria to begin improving their systems, and in turn, their performance over time. Simple systems, designed and implemented correctly, can yield great results.

Most importantly, I believe that an organization’s people – its associates and customers – serve as the best gauges of high performance. Fortunately, the Baldrige criteria are designed to take this critical human dimension of high performance into consideration. For example, two of the six Process categories focus on customer engagement and workforce engagement. Two additional Results categories exist as well to drive the evaluation of results achieved in each of these areas.