Teach It Yourself Performance Improvement Workbooks

Each of my Teach It Yourself performance improvement workbooks began as a tool to help myself or others I knew through work. Today, my goal is to help trainers and leaders learn and teach others about high performance workplace best practices.

Please email me at kevin@greatsystems.com if you have a specific tool or challenge in mind. I have many more resources than I post at any given time.

Multiple Sources and Formats to Teach Performance Improvement Yourself

Each workbook is available on the amazon.com website in paperback and ebook formats. You can follow this link to my Amazon Author page, which is the easiest way to see all of my performance improvement content in one place. Follow the links below to learn more about each workbook.

Vital Signs – the Power of Meaningful Measurement

Facilitating and Leading Teams

How to Lead Great Investigations

Error Proof – How to Stop Daily Goofs for Good

How to Achieve Operational Excellence

The Basics of Lean Tool Use

I designed the workbooks as training tools that others can use in their own organizations. Plus, virtual, live workshops are available. In these workshops, I model how I typically teach the workshop. Just let me know if you have such an interest.

Also, I offer additional content as part of the different courses in the Great Systems Learning Lab. The Lab opens in late 2022. Download options include PDF, mp3, and mp4 content to support each of the six different ‘Teach It Yourself’ (TIY) training workbooks. Keep reading to learn more about the workbooks and process.

Thanks for visiting this page on the Great Systems Best Practice Work Systems website. The ‘Teach It Yourself’ downloads will be available by the end of 2022. The first two courses focus on how to make lean tool use a daily work habit and how to effectively pursue operational excellence.

Do you have an immediate work systems improvement question or need? If so, please email me at kevin@greatsystems.com! Keep improving!

Kevin McManus, Chief Excellence Officer and Systems GuyGreat Systems