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I offer 2-day virtual performance improvement courses for each of the eight performance improvement workbooks and books you find in the Great Systems Shop. Plus, each course closely follows its related workbook. In turn, you can use the virtual course experience to explore different ways in which you could teach the course.

Each of my performance improvement books and workbooks began as a tool I built to help myself or my team members. In each case, I taught and refined the course content over time. Today, my goal is to help trainers and leaders use these tools to teach others about high performance workplace best practices.

Learn more about my 2-day VIRTUAL mistake proofing and proactive improvement workshop.

The free downloads I offer are examples of best practice work system tools you find in my workbooks. Also, downloads made up of PDF, mp3, and mp4 content exist to support each ‘Teach It Yourself’ (TIY) training workbook.

Thanks for visiting this page on the Great Systems Best Practice Work Systems website. Do you want to be a part of one of these dynamic learning events? If so, please send me a message!

Do you have an immediate work systems improvement question or need? If so, please email me at! Keep improving!

Kevin McManus, Chief Excellence Officer and Systems Guy
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