How to Achieve Operational Excellence Workbook

How can the ‘Pursuing Process Excellence’ workbook make your job easier?

Too many organizations rely solely on kaizen teams, six sigma teams, or their process engineers as they attempt to pursue operational excellence. Do you want to accelerate and sustain your site or organizational pursuit of operational excellence? If so, you must address those systematic constraints that hold back your current improvement efforts. Project teams alone take too long. That is why I wrote my ‘how to achieve operational excellence’ workbook.

Instead, leaders need to ensure that their work system designs engage a high percentage of the workforce. Also, a high percentage of the organization’s key work processes need renovation via a systematic and consistent formal process improvement effort.

The small percentage of truly high performance organizations that exist know this.  They realize that the work of a few project teams and or a small percentage of the workforce will not sustain success over time.  Instead, they design their work systems to make it mandatory that each employee, and in particular, each work team leader, both learn these skills and use them on a daily basis.  This workbook helps you identify your organization or site-specific improvement constraints. Then, you can create a plan to make changes that remove, or at least minimize, these constraints.

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Who can benefit from using my ‘how to achieve operational excellence’ workbook?

This 158-page, full color workbook helps any organizational or site leader identify and address those work system design constraints that hold back their pursuit of process excellence. For example, in many organizations, most employees don’t even know how to use process improvement tools. Plus, work team leaders are not responsible for improving the processes they own. Worst of all, we fail to engage a high percentage of our workforce in the pursuit of process excellence. Ironically, such engagement systems are not very costly or hard to use.

Most importantly, this workbook’s design helps you find time for improvement. The workbook’s exercises help you create a plan for effective time use as you make the ‘reactive problem solving to proactive process improvement’ transition!!

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In this workbook, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Model the approaches high performance organizations use to streamline and accelerate your own change efforts
  • Clarify the degree of change you will make to help sustain true process excellence
  • Identify specific changes that are needed to build operational excellence into each person’s job
  • Overcome those system barriers that typically derail operational excellence efforts in most organizations
  • Create a plan to implement your workshop learnings and strategies

Workbook Table of Contents

  • What’s Holding You Back?
  • The Roots of My Obsession
  • Are You Learning from the Past?
  • You See All Work as a Process?
  • We’re Not Using Our Process Improvement Tools
  • How Engaged are Your People?
  • Do You Have Time for Improvement?
  • Does Your Work Culture Support Process Excellence?
  • Now … What’s Holding You Back?
  • Planning for Improvement

Workbook Exercises

  • Workshop Expectations Definition
  • “What’s Holding You Back?” Assessment
  • What Kind of Organization are You?
  • What Have You Learned from the Past? quiz
  • How Many Key Processes Do You Own?
  • Defining Key Work Processes
  • What Skills Do Your Leaders Need to Use?
  • How Engaged Do You Want Your People to Be?
  • How Should Your People Spend Their Time?
  • Creating a Leadership Index
  • Identifying and Minimizing Operational Excellence Transition Barriers
  • Defining Personal Next Steps

Who created this ‘how to achieve operational excellence’ workbook?

The “Pursuing Process Excellence” workbook was designed by Kevin McManus. Kevin served as an industrial engineer, Production Manager, Plant Manager, and Director of Quality during his 40-year business career. Also, he has facilitated over 500 performance improvement workshops. Kevin has been teaching the TapRooT® root cause analysis process internationally for over seventeen years.

Recently, Kevin served a three-year term on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award judges panel. Also, he served as a national Examiner, Senior Examiner, or Alumni Examiner for over 20 years. Kevin writes the monthly Performance Improvement column for Industrial and Systems Engineer magazine.

Keep improving!

Kevin McManus, Chief Excellence Officer, Great Systems

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