Basic Lean Tools Training Workbook – How to Use Lean Tools to Provide Exceptional Customer Value

Are you tired of spending time learning about lean tools that you can’t seem to find a way to use on a daily basis? Do you spend hours to learn more about one tool than you will ever really use? Do you struggle to get your work team leaders to adopt a consistent approach to key process waste removal? If so, this 156-page, full-color workbook can help you avoid the need to face similar challenges in the future.

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What is in the Basic Lean Tools Training Workbook?

This 156-page, basic lean tools training workbook covers the basic skills and approaches needed to use the 5S, quick changeovervisual workplace, value stream mapping, and spaghetti diagram tools. Perhaps more importantly, the workbook also focuses on the types of changes that are needed to get all work team members using lean improvement tools on a consistent basis.

My basic lean tools training workbook contains thirteen different exercises to help you and your team practice learn to use these five key lean tools in an engaged, memorable manner. The completed exercises will help you and your team identify lean transition barriers. They will also help you develop strategies to enforce the need for daily tool use and redesign the jobs of your leaders so their daily efforts have more of a customer value and waste reduction focus.

Perhaps most importantly, the workbook stresses the value of pursuing the real lean upside. The real lean upside is the business growth and profit sustainability that occurs when people are taught how to build more value into the processes they own.

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How can this workbook help you improve the ‘on the job’ use of lean tools and concepts

I designed my “Basic Lean Tools Training Workbook – How to Use Lean Tools to Provide Exceptional Customer Value” workbook to help anyone who wants to use lean tools and concepts to reduce waste and increase customer value for those key processes they own. The tools you will learn to use, and the exercises you will experience, will also give you better lean implementation results in less time and at a lower cost.

Two assessments in the workbook will help you gauge the degree of support your lean efforts will require. Also, they will help you gauge your lean transition progress. If you want to make lean thinking a daily habit across your organization, or simply within your own work team, you can use this workbook to conduct a highly interactive workshop in your organization.

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Optimum progress is made when leaders build lean tool usage requirements into the jobs of all process owners. Don’t rely only on a few kaizen teams, your engineers, or a 5S committee to incrementally remove process waste. Teach all team members how to apply basic lean tool concepts. You will discover new ways to get the most out of your work teams and project teams. You will also optimize the investment you make and help ensure that team involvement is a fun experience. I created this ‘Do It Yourself’ workbook for just this purpose years ago.

Basic Lean Tools Training Workbook Table of Contents

  • How to Make Lean Thinking a Daily Habit
  • Identifying the Need for Lean Tool Use
  • Basic Lean Tools and Concepts
  • Creating Cultural Support for Lean Tool Use
  • The Importance of Lean Leadership
  • Value Stream Mapping and Key Process Definition
  • Creating a Visual Workplace
  • The Role of 5S in the Visual Workplace
  • Designing Our Workplace to Support Lean Success
  • How to Create and Benefit from a Pit Crew Mentality
  • Identifying and Removing Lean Conversion Barriers
  • Creating High Performance Supervisors
  • Planning for Future Lean Success
  • Contact Information and References

Individual and Group Exercises

  • Defining Expectations
  • Defining the Need for Lean Thinking
  • Exploring Possible Lean Tool Applications
  • Defining Our Work Culture
  • What Do You Expect from Your Lean Leaders?
  • Defining Value Streams
  • Creating Your Scorecard and Dashboard
  • 5S Benefits, Barriers, and Next Steps
  • Creating Lean Layouts
  • Identifying Quick Changeover Options and Priorities
  • Identifying Lean Conversion Barriers
  • Creating High Performance Supervisors

Would you like to bring my virtual two-day ‘How to Use Lean Tools to Provide Exceptional Customer Value’ workshop into your organization?

I also facilitate a 2-day virtual “Basic Lean Tools” workshop that we can customize to meet the needs of any workplace. If you want to use lean tools and concepts to reduce waste and increase customer value, share this interactive, virtual workshop with your work teams. Send me an email at  to  learn more about this, and other, Great Systems workshops.

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