How to Lead Great Investigations – Incident Investigation Training Workbook

We lose too much time and money when we investigate problems that continue to come back. All too often, incident investigators fail to ask key questions and effectively listen to collect the evidence they need from interviews. They fail to capture key paper and screen evidence. Plus, they fail to spot human factors concerns in the workplace. In turn, investigation process delays occur. Additionally, investigators miss key root causes and propose weak recommendations. Finally, we fail to treat our investigation efforts as a process that we can manage, evaluate, and improve. Thus, the need for this incident investigation training workbook.

How Effective is Your Incident Investigation Process?

How effective are your incident investigations?  How consistent is investigation quality and timeliness across your problem solving teams? Do your incident investigation interviewers ask great questions and listen to others? Do you efficiently collect all of the evidence that you need? How often do you miss opportunities to improve due to ‘lost’ evidence or investigation process delays?

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What Do You Get In this Incident Investigation Training Workbook?

The ‘How to Lead Great Investigations’ incident investigation training workbook gives you concepts and tools to improve your incident investigation process. Also, its use will help improve the effectiveness of your problem solving teams. Plus, this 106-page, full color workbook includes eleven exercises from the virtual 1-day workshop. These team-based exercises help you teach others how to collect better evidence in less time. Additionally, users will learn to facilitate and lead interviews and problem solving team meetings more effectively. Finally, it can help you create better investigation reports and corrective actions.

The ‘Finding Time for Improvement’ bonus section helps you convert non-value added job time into proactive work time. Plus, this workbook is a great tool for incident investigators and problem solvers who want to practice the variety of skills they learn in a TapRooT® 5-day Root Cause Analysis Team Leader course.

‘How to Lead Great Investigations’ Workbook Table of Contents

  • How to Lead Great Investigations
  • Best Practices for Investigation Preparation
  • Collecting Better Evidence in Less Time
  • Communication and Group Facilitation Basics
  • The Basics of Leading Groups
  • How to Use Great Interviewing Skills
  • Improving Corrective Action Effectiveness
  • Improving Incident Report Quality and Effectiveness
  • Identifying Next Steps for Leading Better Investigations
  • BONUS SECTION: Finding Time for Improvement

Individual and Group Exercises

  • Identifying Investigation Challenges and Course Expectations
  • Defining Great Investigation Questions
  • Who Should Collect What Evidence?
  • How Do Our Perceptions Influence Our Evidence?
  • Exploring How We Make Group Decisions
  • ‘How Did That Happen?’ Interviewing Skills Practice
  • Learning to Create Better Corrective Actions
  • Designing a Great Investigation Report Template
  • How Should We Improve Our Investigation Process?
  • What Will We Do Next?
  • How Should Your People Spend Their Time?

Who Can Benefit From Using This Incident Investigation Training Workbook?

My incident investigation training workbook’s design helps incident investigators and process problem solvers achieve three goals. First, they learn to ask a more complete set of questions. Second, they practice and improve their listening and facilitation skills. Finally, the workbook’s best practices help investigators collect better evidence in less time. Plus, you will find a variety of process changes you can make to improve investigation process effectiveness.

As you complete each exercise, you have the chance to practice team facilitation skills and tools. This skill practice helps teach you how to waste less meeting time. Also, these skills help you benefit more from the different perspectives on the team and arrive at more effective solutions. You learn how to gain more value from your problem solving time investments!

If you have any questions about my incident investigation training workbook, please do not hesitate to connect with me. Keep improving!

Kevin McManus, Chief Excellence Officer, Great Systems

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