How To Change Work Culture Workbook

Have you experienced a failed effort to install high performance work practices such as six sigma, lean manufacturing, or total quality management? Would you like to avoid time and money waste as you try to put a similar improvement effort in place? If so, this ‘real life work’, application-focused workbook will help you avoid the need to face similar challenges in the future.

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What is the focus of my “How to Change Work Culture” workbook?

In this 168-page, full color workbook, you learn how work systems shape work cultures. More importantly, it helps you explore a variety of high performance work system design options. Plus, this ‘how to change work culture’ workbook helps you ‘stop the insanity’ and eliminate the need to chase fads. Do you want to create a consistent work culture with a process excellence focus? If so, you need to redesign, and in some cases eliminate, those work systems that give you the cultures you have in place today. This workbook helps you create a specific work systems upgrade plan.

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How does this ‘how to change work culture’ workbook help you understand culture change?

This workbook helps you understand the challenges of culture change. Also, it teaches you more about the types of work systems high performance organizations use to make effective culture change happen. It shows you why simply sending people to training, or repeatedly asking them to change, fails to work. Do you want different daily behaviors on the job? If so, you must change the systems that created, and still reinforce, the current behaviors.

Plus, this workbook’s concepts and exercises help you diagnose your current work system design problems. This diagnosis helps you create an effective, focused plan to make the necessary work system changes needed to achieve the desired work culture. Do you want to create a consistent, process excellence focused work culture across your organization, or simply within your own team? If so, consider the impact that this highly interactive workshop could have on your organization.

‘How to Change Work Culture’ Workbook Table of Contents

  • The Challenge of Changing Culture
  • Do Your Leaders Behave Badly?
  • Do You Like Fighting Fires?
  • How Do You Pay Your People?
  • When Do You Talk to Your People?
  • Is Your Idea Pool Polluted?
  • When Do You Practice?
  • Do You Waste Time and Money?
  • How Do You Use Your Numbers?
  • Are You a Digital Thinker?
  • Are Your Customers Connected?
  • Planning for Culture Change

‘How to Change Work Culture’ Workbook Exercises

  • High Performance Workplace Assessment
  • Defining Leadership Expectations and Changes
  • Creating a Leadership Index
  • How Do, and Should, You Spend Your Time?
  • Scoring Your Compensation System
  • Setting Up a Communication Vehicles Matrix
  • Planning System Evaluation Worksheet
  • What are Your High-Performance Training Needs?
  • Defining Key Work Processes and Waste Streams
  • How Will You Track and Measure Daily Process Performance?
  • What is Your Technology Literacy Level?
  • Setting Up a Customer Requirements Matrix
  • High Performance Work Culture Development Plan
  • High Performance Workplace Audit

Who can benefit from the use of this workbook?

My ‘How to Change Work Culture’ workbook and its exercises help anyone who wants to begin to change their current work culture. Their use helps blend team and organizational work cultures into one consistent, culture that is much more operational excellence focused. You will discover strategies and complete exercises that give you better culture shift results in less time, and at a lower cost. Plus, you can customize my ‘How to Change Work Culture’ workshop to meet the needs of any workplace.

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What will you learn about culture change in this workbook?

  • What types of approaches high performance organizations use to develop and sustain a operational excellence focused work culture
  • How to redesign your work systems in a manner that leads to profound workplace culture change
  • How you can use the 14 team exercises with others in your organization to help accelerate your workplace culture change efforts

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Who created this workbook?

The ‘How to Change Work Culture’ workbook was designed by Kevin McManus. Kevin has served as an industrial engineer, Production Manager, Plant Manager, and Director of Quality during his 40-year business career. He has facilitated over 500 performance improvement workshops, and he has been teaching the TapRooT® root cause analysis process internationally for over eighteen years. Kevin recently completed three years of service on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award judges panel, and he served as a national Examiner, Senior Examiner, or Alumni Examiner for 20 years. Kevin writes the monthly Performance Improvement column for Industrial and Systems Engineer magazine..

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