Mistake Proofing Best Practices Book by Kevin McManus

How ‘error proof’ are your work processes?

We can’t simply ask people to be careful, or punish those who goof, and achieve minimal risk and six sigma levels of quality. Instead, a more effective strategy is to ‘error proof’ your work processes. Do you use proven, best practice human error and equipment failure-reduction safeguards? If so, you more effectively sustain the level of process excellence you desire. This mistake proofing best practices book by Kevin McManus captures these strategies and tactics.

Why do so many people struggle to capture their key process errors that occur daily? How can we anticipate, and minimize, the potential for human error? How can we design a work system to achieve very low error rates on a consistent basis? What actions will help your teams consistently use error reduction techniques?

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How can you error proof your key work systems and processes?

The key lies in one’s use of proven work system designs and practices to help minimize the daily potential for human error. Significant examples of success do exist. In these cases, error and incident rates are consistently kept very low. For example, the Blue Angels excel at work preparation and review. Pal’s quick serve restaurant chain has a superior job skill certification system. Energy sector workers consistently achieve near zero safety incident levels that many organizations would consider to be unobtainable.

How do these people find ways to standardize their work practices and minimize errors in very dynamic, high risk settings? They use better work system designs to get better results. I wrote my ‘Error Proof’ mistake proofing best practices book to help capture the best practices I have learned and practiced to reduce daily errors, defects, and failures.

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What will you get in my ‘Error Proof’ mistake proofing best practices book?

My 162-page book gives you over 100 ‘best practice’ work system designs you can easily install. They help you better ‘mistake proof’ your workplace and stop daily goofs for good. Plus, when you mistake proof your workplace, you help accelerate your performance improvement efforts. You practice proactive process improvement. Also, you complement your reactive performance improvement projects.

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In this mistake proofing best practices book, you will learn how to:

  • Use best practice approaches to mistake proof job tasks of ANY type
  • Proactively identify, analyze, and anticipate opportunities for error in a systematic manner
  • Assess the relative strength of different corrective action options
  • Write effective corrective and preventive actions that add value and can be sustained over time
  • Capture and use process-level error rates as leading indicators of corrective action effectiveness

Most importantly, this book helps you learn how to build the right mix of error reduction safeguards into every work team member’s daily job. It is the deployment and integration of these tools with the daily job that drives error, defect, and risk reduction. Also, the book shares numerous ‘how to’ case study examples of effective safeguard design and implementation.

‘Error Proof’ Mistake Proofing Best Practices Book Table of Contents

  • How to Escape Reactive World
  • What Does It Take to Become Error Proof?
  • Exploring the Eight Cognitive Processes
  • How Adequate are Your Safeguards?
  • How to Measure Safeguard Effectiveness
  • Developing More Effective Corrective Actions
  • Putting High Impact Fixes in Place
  • Using Processes to Guide People
  • Creating Effective Work Instructions and Job Aids
  • Developing a Positive, Mistake Proof Culture
  • The Power of Effective Job Preparation
  • Improving Your ‘Real Time’ Training System
  • The Power of Process-Based Mistake Proofing
  • Planning to Escape Reactive World

Would you like to make your organization more error proof?

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