Facilitating and Leading Teams Workshop

Facilitating and Leading Teams Workbook and Workshop

How effective are your team meetings?  How skilled are your team leaders at leading meetings and facilitating group decision making? Do you effectively use your meeting time, or do you often find your group going off on tangents? How often do team members argue over opinions instead of facts, or spend time listening to just one or two team members dominate the agenda?

What is the focus of the “Facilitating and Leading Teams” workshop?

The “Facilitating and Leading Teams” workshop is designed to help team leaders improve their personal team facilitation and leadership skills in a high impact way. By participating in this workshop, each person will repeatedly practice and evaluate their personal use of team facilitation and leadership skills. Experienced coaches will also guide the learning of facilitation techniques to get the most out of any team event.

Why is this workshop important?

Most companies waste lots time and money in meetings because they don’t make the best use of their meeting time and money. Few of today’s team leaders even know about, let alone consistently use, key team facilitation skills. In turn, they fail to effectively manage their group dynamics, get the most out of their team’s diversity, or reach synergistic, high impact decisions.

The main reason this workshop is important – why it works and is different – is that it is practice oriented. The majority of the workshop time is spent either practicing facilitator skills yourself or evaluating the facilitation skills of others. Its design is based on the Toastmasters public speaking skills development model. You cannot become a better team leader, or facilitator, simply from listening to people talk about new concepts. Facilitation concepts must be practiced, with a coach giving you feedback as you practice. This workshop is designed to be a practice field.

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Facilitating and Leading Teams Workbook


If you would like more information about the facilitating and leading teams workbook and workshop, please send me an e-mail at kevin@greatsystems.com.

Who can benefit from attending this workshop?

This workshop is designed to help any team leader (1) reduce meeting waste, (2) increase meeting effectiveness, (3) put more effective process improvements in place, and (4) conduct higher quality incident investigations. The team facilitation skills and tools you will learn to use will help you waste less meeting time, benefit more from the different perspectives on the team, and arrive at more effective solutions. You will spend less time in formal meetings, and you will get better results from the meeting time you do invest.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Apply key skills for managing group dynamics, and in turn, get more from your teams in less time
  • Identify and enhance those personal skills that necessary for effective team facilitation and high performance team leadership
  • Reduce the amount of time and money that you spend in meetings, and still get more out of your meetings
  • Use effective team leadership and facilitation skills to enhance investigation or problem solving quality and timeliness

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Are you interested in bringing my “Facilitating and Leading Teams” workshop to your organization?

You can initiate the on-site workshop setup process by sending me a e-mail at kevin@greatsystems.com indicating which workshop you would like to bring into your facility. I will then work with a contact person from your location to complete the course registration process and arrange the workshop logistics. More importantly, we will work with you to customize the workshop so it meets the specific needs that you have.

On-site workshop costs vary with company and team size. Workshop costs include (1) training materials, (2) a follow-up action plan from the facilitator, and (3) three months of free online consultation. Meals, refreshments, and travel expenses are kept to a minimum. Please contact me if you are interested in a workshop quote.

If a course does not meet your expectations, your participation fee will be refunded.

Who created the “Facilitating and Leading Teams” book and workshop?

The “Facilitating and Leading Teams” book and workshop were designed by Kevin McManus, who has served as an industrial engineer, Production Manager, Plant Manager, and Director of Quality during his 38-year business career. He has facilitated over 500 performance improvement workshops, and he has been teaching the TapRooT® root cause analysis process internationally for fourteen years. Kevin is currently serving a three-year term on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award judges panel, and he has served as a national Examiner, Senior Examiner, or Alumni Examiner in 18 prior years. Kevin writes the monthly Performance Improvement column for Industrial and Systems Engineer magazine.

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