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How to Make High Performance Work Culture Change Happen

How to Develop a High Performance Work Culture Workshop

High Performance Work Culture Book

Have you experienced the downside of a failed effort to install high performance work practices such as six sigma, lean manufacturing, or total quality management? Would you like to avoid wasting time and money as you try to put a similar improvement effort in place? If so, this interactive, application focused workshop can help you avoid having to face similar challenges in the future.

What is the focus of the “High Performance Work Culture ” workshop?

In this workshop, you learn how systems shape cultures and the options for high performance work system design that exist. This workshop is intended to help you ‘stop the insanity’ and stop chasing fads. If you want to create a consistent work culture that is process excellence focused, you need to redesign ,and in some cases eliminate, those work systems that have given you the cultures you have in place today. This workshop will help you create a specific plan for doing so.

How does this workshop help support culture change?

This workshop will help you understand the challenges of culture change and learn more about the types of systems high performance organizations are already using to make this type of change happen. It will show you why simply sending people to training or repeatedly asking them to change won’t work – if you want different daily behaviors on the job, you have to change the systems that created and reinforced those behaviors to-date. Perhaps more importantly, this workshop also focuses diagnosing your existing system design problems and creating a plan for the types of system changes you need to make in order to begin shifting your existing work cultures. If you want to create a consistent, process excellence focused work culture across your organization, or simply within your own team, consider spending the time to bring this highly interactive workshop to your organization.

Who can benefit from attending this workshop?

The “Creating a High Performance Work Culture” workshop is designed to help anyone who wants to begin changing their existing work systems in order to shift their team and organizational work cultures into one consistent, culture that is much more process excellence focused. The strategies you will discover and the exercises you will experience will also give you better culture shift results in less time and at a lower cost. The “High Performance Work Culture ” workshop can be customized to meet the needs of any workplace.

What will you learn about culture change in this workshop?

  • What types of approaches high performance organizations use to develop and sustain a process excellence focused work culture
  • How to change your existing work systems in a manner that leads to profound workplace culture change
  • How you can use the 14 team exercises with others in your organization to help accelerate your workplace culture change efforts

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Are you interested in bringing my two day onsite “High Performance Work Culture ” workshop to your organization?

You can initiate the on-site workshop setup process by sending me a e-mail at indicating which workshop you would like to bring into your facility. I will then work with a contact person from your location to arrange the workshop logistics, and more importantly, to customize the workshop to meet the specific needs that you have. We will also prepare a firm delivery cost at that time. You will be invoiced for the workshop costs following the event.

On-site workshop costs vary with company and team size. In general, the cost of a one day onsite workshop for up to 15 people will range between $2,500 and $3,000 for eight hours of class time, depending on organizational size. For a 15 person class, your daily cost per person falls between $167 and $200!

These costs include (1) training materials, (2) a follow-up action plan from the facilitator, and (3) three months of free online consultation. Meals, refreshments, and travel expenses are not included in these costs (but I really try to keep my travel costs low – no first class air travel, limos, or suites).

Again, if a course does not meet your expectations, your participation fee will be refunded

Who created this culture change workshop?

The “High Performance Work Culture ” workshop and book was designed by Kevin McManus, who has served as an industrial engineer, Production Manager, Plant Manager, and Director of Quality during his 34 year business career. He has also served as an Examiner, Senior Examiner, and Alumni Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for sixteen years. Kevin also writes the monthly Performance Improvement column for Industrial Engineer magazine and is an international trainer for the TapRooT® root cause analysis process.

Would you like to order the book that is used in this workshop?

Credit Card Ordering

To order the book that is used in this workshop by credit card from, simply click here.

To order other Great Systems! workbooks by credit card, visit  After I receive notification of your order, your workbook order will be sent to you via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery).

If you would like to learn more about my high performance work culture book and workshop, or other Great Systems products or services, simply send me an e-mail

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