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“If you want to retain those who are present, be loyal to those who are absent.”

-- Dr. Stephen Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

“Learning cannot be disassociated from action.”

-- Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline

“The most important measures are both unknown and unknowable.”

-- W. Edwards Deming, Out of the Crisis

How to Develop a High Performance Work Culture Workshop (two days)

This two day workshop will provide you with an overview of the ten power systems, the ten barriers to high performance, the simple but focused philosophy behind the power systems concept, and example power system improvement tools. By participating in this workshop, you will learn how these power system improvement tools can be used immediately to save your organization lots of time and money.

You will also get to complete a self assessment of your organization's current key work systems and experience the high energy, interactive training style that Kevin uses in all of his training events. I guarantee that you will walk away with some ideas and tools that will more than justify this one day investment!

Power System Improvement Workshops (one and half days each)

Ten different workshops are offered to help your improve your organization's performance. You can choose to participate in all ten, or you can select only those workshops that would help you address certain key performance areas, such as leadership, training, or customer satisfaction. Power systems workshops are offered for the following ten system types: :

Leadership development Compensation and Recognition
Strategic and annual planning Training and development
Customer satisfaction Process Management
Performance measurement Communication
Job design Technology

Build Your Business Around the Baldrige (two days - onsite only)

In this interactive two day workshop, Kevin will work with your choice of employee groups to (1) help you determine your company's status relative to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria and (2) begin creating a detailed plan for driving your company towards higher levels of performance. You will also receive a CD of the Powerpoint presentations used in the workshop and a detailed performance improvement analysis.

How do I become part of one of these events?

You can sign up for a on-site workshop by sending me a e-mail indicating which workshop you would like to bring into your facility. We will then work with a contact person from your location to arrange the workshop logistics, and more importantly, to customize the workshop to meet the specific needs that you have. You will be invoiced for the workshop costs following the event.

It is our goal to give you a lot of value for your time and money investment. If a course does not meet your expectations, your participation fee will be refunded! All you have to do is return the training materials.

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"Things will stay as they are until we challenge the prevailing culture en masse and stop the insanity - lead the revolution!" -- Kevin McManus, Great Systems!


“The only thing I know is that I do not know it all.” -- Socrates

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